Sunday, December 19, 2010

How long it has been since I posted anything at all.

It's getting close to Christmas. Only 5 days to go. 6 days until I get to fly away to Washington, land of green and rain and a little bit more warmth. I am lonesome for the ocean and the mountains and the evergreen trees. I miss the lakes and the hills and the drizzling rain. I am looking forward to some lovely days in Washington with my family and seeing some friends.

I'm getting used to the cold, though. It seems too cold to even snow these days. It's too cold to be outside for very long too. But, I'm getting used to it, I think.

Janie, Kate, and I discovered a very enjoyable pasttime. There is a skating rink at a park near here where we went out in our boots and discovered a game that is a mix of hockey and soccer using our feet. We laughed as Kate skid across the ice on her stomach and Janie commented, "I think that felt cooler than it looked!" Cold weather does provide some new enjoyment.

All in all, this winter is proving to be pretty good.
See you soon Washington!

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Kristi said...

Wow Krissy! Life has changed a lot since last sring! This is the first time I've been on your blog in a long time (we were traveling all over the place as well). My heart is so happy for you! I know we haven't known each other long or even very well, but I hope you don't mind me quietly reading your blog again :) Looking forward to seeing all where God will take you. You have a Heaven-born spirit for adventures of all kind.